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Our Vision:

Promote teaching, learning and research on biochemistry in Portugal and abroad, as well as to stimulate scientific enlightenment in this field of knowledge;

Bring together all Portuguese or foreign citizens interested in biochemistry from a pedagogic, cultural and scientific point of view; this society is dynamic and flexible, as it allows its members to create interest groups or autonomous affiliated societies;

Sponsor scientific meetings accordant to SPB's goals, as well as the National Congress of Biochemistry, which presently takes place every two years;

Award studentships to young scientists or undergraduate students to defray part of the costs of participation in meetings abroad or in the National Congress of Biochemistry;

Promote the scientific exchange with its international partners (member of the FEBS Council and IUBMB council, as well as associate of PABMB, IUPAB and EBSA).



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February 2016 meeting
September 2016

Comemorating 50 years of FEBS

As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of FEBS, Constituent Societies were invited to compile FEBS 50th Anniversary Virtual Issues. The Portuguese Virtual Issue for the 50th anniversary of FEBS highlights the high quality and diversity of biochemistry research carried out in Portugal.

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