Portuguese Biochemical Society

SPB Action Grants

SPB accepts applications for:

Grants for the organization of events:

a) Meetings of Biochemistry students (1st / 2nd cycle).

b) Meetings of PhD students. The applicant must be a SPB member with fees paid in the last two years.

c) Workshops/Congresses proposed by SPB Affiliated Societies, SPB Thematic Groups or other SPB members. The Organizing Committee must include at least two SPB members with fees paid in the last three years.

d) SPB Conferences.

The applications must be submitted in the following periods
a) First call: March 15 – April 15
b) Second call: September 15 – October 15

For aplication, please fill the SPB action grant application form and send it to SPB

The decisions will be taken based on the following criteria
a) relevance of the scientific area;
b) number of participants;
c) number of speakers SPB members;
d) regional distribution.

The decisions will be communicated until April 31 (first call) or October 31 (second call)

When a grant is awarded for the organization of an event

a) The Organizing Committee must:
i) include the SPB logo in the web page of the event and in posters or other means of dissemination;
ii) send an email to all participants, with information about SPB (made available by the direction of SPB).
b) SPB undertakes to disclose the event:
i) in the SPB web page and social media (Twitter, Facebook);
ii) by email to SPB members.