Portuguese Biochemical Society

SPB Memberships

To become a member, please fill the SPB application form and send it to SPB

Membership in the Portuguese Biochemical Society can take two forms: SPB Membership for individuals, which is meant for every Portuguese or foreign citizen interested in biochemistry; SPB Membership for societies or interest groups, which allows for societies or groups focused on a specific area of biochemistry to become an SPB Affiliated Society. See in the SPB section of this site for examples of SPB affiliated societies.

Membership Benefits

Membership of the Portuguese Biochemical Society allows you to benefit from the following:
- Reduced price in the registration to meetings sponsored by the SPB;
- Subsidies to participate in the annual meeting of FEBS;
- Grants to participate in international meetings as well as in the National Congress of Biochemistry;
- Access to information regarding meetings and courses;
- Possibility to apply to FEBS grants; and
- SPB Sponsorship to organize workshops and scientific meetings

How much to pay:

- if you are an undergraduate (não licenciado), graduate (licenciado), MSc (mestrando) student your annual membership fee is 10€.
- If you are a PhD (doutorando) student your annual membership fee is 20€.
- If you are a researcher with a PhD degree you are no longer considered a student and therefore your annual membership fee is 30 €;
- If you are an institution or a company, your annual membership fee is 200€;

How to pay:

SPB accepts payments in several ways, such as:

Money transfer to SPB's bank account with the following
- NIB: 0036 0033 99100496216 30
- IBAN: PT50 0036 0033 9910 0496 2163 0
Note: Please send an email to the secretariat with the transfer slip;

Make sure you pay your membership fee in time (deadline: April 30th every year) in order to benefit from grants and sponsorships awarded by SPB and FEBS every year as well as the right for discounts in SPB's Congresso Nacional de Bioquímica. Members with unpaid membership fees will no longer be considered for grants, sponsorships or discounts.